StoreDot focuses on the missing element in the EV ecosystem


Optimize Miles per Minute of Charging

Sports Car in Storm

As the market evolves, StoreDot's strategic technology roadmap transitions over time from extreme-fast charging (XFC) to extreme energy density (XED)

Innovative battery technology solves the key pain points of EV adoption

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Generational Evolution

Mass Production Readiness


Gen 1
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Metalloid Compound A
Technology Verification
Building manufacturing partnership strategic supply chain in place


Gen 2
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Technology leadership in EV Extreme Fast Charging


Gen 3
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Solid State
Technology leadership in EV Extreme Energy Density Charging

Gen 2 (XFC) –
Silicon Dominant Anode

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Gen3 (XED) - Solid State Electrolyte (SSE)

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StoreDot Solid State strategic approach to reach XED

  • Ceramic, glass, polymer or gel-based compound

  • Safety

  • No need for separator

  • Enables use of Li-metal anode

  • Innovative electrode architecture

  • Enables use of different electrolytes for both cathode and anode

Key R&D Milestones
  • Solid state electrolyte

  • Si or Li anode

  • High energy cathode

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Hybrid design
Anode-free design