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Charge a Car Battery in 5 Minutes? That’s the Plan

Charge a Car Battery in 5 Minutes? That’s the Plan

Daniel Oberhaus, a staff writer at WIRED that covers space exploration and the future of energy, wrote about StoreDot and other tech leaders in this piece about fast charging for EVs.


The current crop of all-electric Formula E race cars that will debut on the motorway in 2022 are providing a glimpse of the future beyond the racetrack: EV batteries that charge in the same amount of time it takes to fill a gas tank.

Fast EV chargers already exist that can bring some EV battery packs close to full charge in around 40 minutes. But, these are only available for a handful of new, high-end EVs.

According to Oberhaus, "If we want to electrify our roads, we need affordable EV batteries that can be charged even faster."

Matthew Keyser, who leads the electrochemical energy storage group at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, said, “Over 50 percent of the US population lives in apartments, condos, or homes that don’t have access to charging. To increase EV adoption, we need to provide a means of charging quickly for this segment of our society.”

Oberhaus added that "StoreDot, an Israeli energy storage company, is developing an EV battery that they expect will charge in under 10 minutes."

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